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The Ultimate Guide to OCR Technology: This Is What You Need to Know
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa OCR technology has been around longer than most people think. Ray Kurzweil invented the first multi-font recognition in 1975 to power the Kurzweil Reading Machine. This reading machine, which was roughly the size of a small dishwasher, could turn printed documents into synthesized speech. The PC revolution made this technology available to almost anyone and […] The Ultimate Guide to OCR Technology: This Is What You Need to Know -
Selected Tekedia Posts Now Have Audio Play – Listen Without Reading!
I am very happy to report that we have successfully integrated a text-to-speech technology on Tekedia. We cannot be going to co-learn and co-share “innovation” without demonstrating that element in the training itself. Simply, when you arrive at the page, you will see an audio link at the top of the page; click that audio button and play the post.  I just activated a post (click to listen) to give you an idea. With this tool, you can “read” (yes listen) to the contents while driving via your phone, at work with headphones, etc. (Do not worry how the technology…
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7 Ways Smart Technology Can Improve Your Health
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa According to the CDC, roughly 1 in 3 people that live in the United States are overweight. With that number continuing to grow as processed foods become more available, particularly in low-income communities, health experts are always looking for ways to turn the tides. Perhaps one of the most promising tools that experts are leaning […] 7 Ways Smart Technology Can Improve Your Health -
The Complete Guide to Creating a Strong Visual Identity for Your Brand
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa A business or brand’s visual identity is extremely important, for a variety of reasons. A strong visual identity can make growing or expanding your brand or business that much easier. With that in mind, the exact opposite can also be true if your brand’s identity is weak or lacking. So, if you own a brand […] The Complete Guide to Creating a Strong Visual Identity for Your Brand -
My Selected Public Speeches [Videos]
We have some of my public speeches together. In 2019, I gave 23 speeches with many in private settings (banks, funds, and investment clubs) and conferences in four continents. The May Platform speech on national TV is included. The FUTO Convocation lecture is already in the university library. This year, I have confirmed speeches in Ottawa Canada (public), Turkey (public), South Korea (private), Osaka Japan (technical), Johannesburg (private) and Lagos (university public lecture).  You can watch these ones when you have time.   The Platform titled “The Growth of Nations” (live national TV) FUTO Biennial Lecture Big Data & Business…
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Four Short Lessons Learnt from Osun Youth Agenda Campaign
Kimpact Development Initiative is a non governmental organisation situated in Osun State, Southwest Nigeria. It is the organisation that was in charge of the Vote not Fight campaign before the gubernatorial election in the state in 2018. Led by Bukola Idowu, the organisation is also in charge of the Osun Youth Agenda, a nine-month, research driven, stakeholder engagement campaign on mainstreaming issues that could lead to sustainable youth development in the policies of the state. In just nine months or thereabout, the campaign has proved very successful.  Instances of the success of the programme were captured in a previous article…
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An Investment Option in Nigeria
“Gold clingeth to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in its handling.” —The Third Law of Gold The quote above is culled from The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. Recently, Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe expounded it in How You Can Invest N10 Million in Nigeria Right Now. His investment counsel came at the most appropriate time when all interest rates are crashing with the Treasury Bills, TB, leading the pack. Before now TB has been a lucrative and the safest portfolio investment but it has lost its attractiveness and…
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Bolt Introduces Tricycle Ride in Uyo as MooveTV Launches in Lagos
Bolt is looking to expand its space in the ride-hailing business with the introduction of tricycle into its variance. The Estonian company has launched tricycle services in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State. OPay’s OTrike was the first to embrace the tricycle in ride-sharing business and it is dominant in the southeast. Earlier this month, Bolt has introduced ‘multiple destinations and multiple passengers to one trip’ to ride-sharing options. As the competition gets stiffer, Bolt is exploring other ways to rake in revenue and stay in business at a time when some others are joining the ride-sharing venture. The…
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2020 Kicked off with a Roaring Start
The year 2020 kicked off with remarkable events ranging from political conflicts to natural disasters to pestilence. The sympathetic stories cut across continents and peoples with varying degrees of pain. In the eve that ushered 2020 in, Australia was busy battling a range of wildfires that was wreaking contagious havoc in the country, spreading through lives and property, and constituting environmental hazard that has become more than an Australian problem. Despite tremendous efforts to quench it, the fire succeeded 2019, and took a devastating toll on the country at the dawn of the New Year. Millions of acres have been…
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Janngo Launches $66 Mn Fund to Back African Women Startup Founders
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On-demand Ride-Hailing Startup, CanGo is Shutting Down Its Business, Facing Funding Challenges
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Catalyst Fund Gains $15 Mn from JP Morgan, UK Aid to back 30 EM Fintech Startups
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African Fintech Firm Flutterwave Secures $35 Mn in Partnership with Worldpay
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AURA Closes $415 K Funding Round Led by SA Investment Firm HAVAÍC
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Tekedia Mini-MBA – Complete Faculty, NGO Package, Installment Payment, Customized Assignments
Tekedia Mini-MBA: I will be the lead faculty but I will not be the only one. We have extremely experienced and talented experts in our faculty. They are market players in our economies and we have brought them together to co-share and co-learn with our business community here. This mini-MBA is business and management biased,focusing on growth, innovation and execution of business objectives. Meanwhile, my team has added a package for NGOs. If you are an NGO in any part of the world, we have a package to ensure your staff can join this program (click and email them). Also,…
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The Father of ‘Disruptive Innovation” Is Dead, RIP Clayton Christensen
He wrote “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and brought new perspectives on the mechanics of innovation. He explained to the world what “innovation” means and stands for. He became the father of “disruptive innovation”, a big Book in the modern bible of startups and broad technology companies. He was sent to serve as a high priest, a business spiritual leader, helping legions of men and women to understand how innovation can redesign the structure and architecture of market systems, competitiveness, productivity and growth. Because innovation must deliver new basis of competition, the outcome cannot be ordinary. A 2011 profile by Forbes remains…
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Salute To The Category-King: Flutterwave on $35M Raise
One of the most exciting moments in business is when your clients are growing. As a Board member, we at Infoprive immensely congratulate Flutterwave, a category-king fintech company, for raising $35 million series B funds. We would be here and will continue to serve with absolute quality and professionalism.  We salute the audacity in vision that has taken Flutterwave to have  “processed $5.4 billion dollars for businesses and individuals” across 107 million transactions in 2019 alone, as noted in the CEO letter to all clients. Let’s go, 2020!  Infoprive – a cybersecurity leader.  
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Osun Youth Agenda: How not to lose the gained ground in youth development issues
The venue was the Conference Hall of the Aurora Hotel in Osogbo the capital of  Osun State in Nigeria. The event was the Reflection Meeting over the Osun Youth Agenda, an advocacy programme sponsored by the NDI, UKAID and USAID, but implemented by Kimpact Development Initiative. For those gathered within the venue, it was time to reflect over a campaign birthed by a research driven advocacy campaign aimed at closely engaging the political leadership of the state to capture the needs of the youths earlier harvested and smartened by a team of experts. For the coordinating secretariat, local government coordinators…
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CareClinic Patient Engagement App Reaches 20,000 Users and Raises Seed Funding -
Five Reasons to Secure a Business Loan
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa The growth and success of a business are highly influenced by the amount of human and financial investments directed towards it. There are various ways of acquiring such resources, business loans being one of the more easily accessible avenues. The possibility of access to business funding from financial services such as quick loans direct can […] Five Reasons to Secure a Business Loan -
Top 7 Time Tracking Apps for College Students -
The Perks Of Going Paperless – 4 Software Solutions That Streamline Shiftwork
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa Have you heard of the recent shift towards paperless offices? Going paperless has quickly become a top trend amongst businesses for a wide variety of reasons. Aside from saving on resources and cost, the utilization of software in lieu of paper is also a fantastic way to ensure that data is stored securely and is […] The Perks Of Going Paperless – 4 Software Solutions That Streamline Shiftwork -
Eliminate Revenue Leakage, Become Cashless with our TAP technology
We have added a major feature in TAP (Touch&Pay), a portfolio payment company, which digitizes cash collection, making it possible to have zero revenue leakage. Unlike open payment networks like Verve, Visa and Mastercard, TAP does not require networks because the value (yes, the money) is in the card. As a result of this, we record less than 0.5% transaction failure unlike NIBSS POS anchored payment which needs networks, failing 15% of the time. You can use TAP in places with no GSM or any network. Today, we power some leading banks’ SME businesses. We also manage one of the…
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Jumia shares soar as it plots new paths to growth and sustainability
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Flutterwave and Paystack, and an acquisition path for African fintechs
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Achieve the Extraordinary and Think Possibilities in 2020 and Beyond
The word “extraordinary” comprises of two simple, but important words- “extra” and “ordinary”. I would want to describe it as putting in the extra effort to turn your desired result from ordinary to extraordinary. To achieve extraordinary feats implies doing things differently to achieve unique results. If others are putting in eight hours a day, for example, to achieve success, you can put in ten hours a day to achieve extraordinary success. Never underestimate your capacity to achieve the extraordinary. All things are possible to those that believe! If others have done it before, then you can do likewise and even…
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Examining The Translation of Science Textbooks into Hausa
I needed some information on our education sector, so I went in search of Nigerian education news in the internet. To be honest, I was so surprised and impressed by what I saw. I told myself that a lot of funds and supports are pumped into our education sector, yet our public schools refused to improve. The height of this surprise came when I saw an article on the translation of English science textbooks into Hausa. This feat was done by a team of translators from Bayero University Kano (BUK). Sincerely, I read something about this textbook translation last week…
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Working in paradise: A Nigerian’s tech experience in Mauritius
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TC Quiz: What phone app can you not do without?
There were at least 4 million mobile phone apps across various app stores by the end of 2019 according to data from While some are wildly popular helping make human activities and connections more effective, there are many other hidden in the bowels of these app stores, built to do very unusual things like […] The post TC Quiz: What phone app can you not do without? appeared first on TechCabal.
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36 States Reverse RoW Rates to N145 per linear metre
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N100 Naira Flip – Why Below $1 Is Sweet Pricing Spot for Most Consumer Products in Nigeria
You have launched that service/product in Nigeria, and all the models are falling off. Just because of extra N100 ($0.30), no one cares to experience that great service you are bringing. Yes, for many, saving $0.30  is exceedingly important because times are hard. In my model, I expect just about 32 million to be earning income in Nigeria. These 32 million will support the other 170 million people. Because the incomes these 32 million earn are severely out of livable wage variance, they have no room for extracurricular living styles. Your premium, comfort, etc experiences are nonsense: man (woman) wants…
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The Catastrophic Consequences of Daily Post’s Use of Chief Bisi Akande’s Picture in a Rape Case Report
“A Magistrates’ Court sitting in Iyaganku, Ibadan, on Thursday, remanded a 35-year-old man, Sulaimon Akande, accused of defiling a 13-year-old girl. Akande of Osungbade area, Sanyo, Ibadan, was in court on a lone count charge of defilement.” That was how the journalist and editor of the story started the story that has changed Nigerians’ line of thoughts on responsible and irresponsible journalism in the last few hours on the virtual and offline spheres. Exhibit 1: News Snippet Our checks indicate that the story has been pulled down by the medium. It was discovered that the page in which the story…
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African Startups Raised US$1.34 Billion in 2019
How much did African startups raise via venture funding in 2019? Very challenging question.  Disrupt Africa has US$491.6 million while WeeTracker has US$1.34 billion. Yes different reports with two different amounts. That is typical in our continent. I have shared both for you to decide which one is closer to reality. Yet, the reports are not wrong.  What happens is largely how the data people classify the companies. A report can include a firm founded in America as an African company because it does most of its businesses in Africa. Another report would exclude such a firm because even though…
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Nigerian-based Semicolon has a unique approach to training world-class software engineers
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Interswitch Next Engineering Internship Program 2020 for Young Nigerian Developers
Got what it takes to join Interswitch as a #NextEngineeringIntern, learning from the very best and contributing to the development of next-level transaction solutions that touch millions of people every day around Africa and across the world? Share with us a 2 minute video (embedded through a google-drive link) of yourself, describing your motivation and […]
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7 Proven Ways to kickstart Your Copywriting Career Quickly
“I don’t know how to write.” Above is one big reason why a lot of people are yet to start making money from writing. If you can narrate a story… If you can post on social media… If you can send an email… Then you can write. Nobody was born with the ability to write. They all learnt and mastered it. You don’t need a degree or anything. People who hire writers need someone who writes quality articles. All it takes is a constant practice, creativity, determination and a positive mindset. You don’t have to overthink it. Just get started!…
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