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Coronavirus Weekly Update: Much ado about eLearning
A TechCabal roundup about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Africa’s tech industry MAY 31, 2020 This newsletter is a weekly special focused on the effect of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 on African tech and innovation ecosystems. Subscribe here to get it directly in your inbox every Sunday at 3 pm WAT. Hello, Parents […] The post Coronavirus Weekly Update: Much ado about eLearning appeared first on TechCabal.
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5 Personal Injury Law Basics to Remember Before Filing a Claim
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa Few things can be quite so unfortunate as an accident at work. If you’ve been injured at work, that can cause a whole host of consequent problems. Not only do you have to pay medical bills for the treatment you receive, but you may be unable to work for a period of time because of your injury. […] 5 Personal Injury Law Basics to Remember Before Filing a Claim -
Ethiopian social enterprise & tech startup Maisha Technologies benefits from Villgro Kenya grant
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Pantami Delighted with ICT’s 14.07 percent Contribution to GDP
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Week 17 Session
Notes: We shared this video late last week on the need to create enterprise value even as we create value for end-customers.   Navigating Careers This week, we will have a conversation on careers. This is necessary after the paralysis of job dislocation due to Covid-19. This was not originally in the syllabus but we think that some of our members may need clarity on this issue. A HR leader, Captain Ola Olubawale, CEO of Seamate Australia, will lead the session. My video is just an introduction to the week. Written Material Download the written material here (pdf, code below…
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The Col Abubakar Umar’s Letter To President Buhari
This is an open letter to President Buhari by Col Abubakar Umar (rtd), a former governor of Kaduna state. He has a message. Personally, I will hope the president listens to men like Col Umar, and makes his security appointments to reflect federal character.   “One of the swiftest ways of destroying a Kingdom is to give preference of one particular tribe over another or show favor to one group of people rather than another….” Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio. The letter….. Muhammadu Buhari, Sunday 30th May 2020 President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Dear Mr. President, MR.…
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The Greatest Innovator of His Generation
He is the generation’s finest mind and the greatest innovator of the current 21st century. Elon Musk is peerless across all metrics. No one comes closer. As the Falcon 9 left the solid bounds of mother earth to touch the face of the ecclesiastical heavens, dreams become reality. America won the biggest lottery the day that South African kid flew across the Atlantic and possibly never to return. I am confident America will not forget that history of Musk: prepared in Africa, perfected in America, for the good of the world.      
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Food Hive: Pioneering The Business of Food Service Technology
Years ago, when people think of the food service business they thought more of the kiosk, street vendors, and restaurants. But in the most recent years, this notion has been challenged to a large extent, due to the rising need for comfort, ease and dynamics of the ever evolving technology in the landscape of Nigeria. Yes, the food service business in Nigeria doesn’t have statistics to point to on its profitability. However, it’s imperative to know that in the United States according to Statista: Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$136,431m in 2020. Revenue is expected to…
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SpaceX’s Crew Dragon and Elon Musk’s Moment of History
On Saturday, May 30, at 3.22 P.M. Eastern Time, SpaceX pulled off a historical new beginning of human spaceflight from the US soil. It was a new dawn that started with a dream and gradually evolved into a thrilling reality. In 2010, under president Obama, a program called the Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) began to replace the existing space shuttle going on retirement. The aim was to replace the shuttle with a privately built spacecraft. Two US companies, SpaceX and Boeing were contacted with $2.6 billion and $4.2 billion funding respectively to build a new spaceflight for the National Aeronautics…
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Ndubuisi Ekekwe Will Run Masterclass for NIPCA Canada
I will run a Masterclass Series for Nigerian IT Professionals in Canada (NIPCA). I have planned to spend two days with the community in Canada, but with the virus not fully managed, my travels remain frozen. The theme is Innovating for Growth within the context of post Covid-19 economy. The date is June 11. Register free here .
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Ndubuisi Ekekwe To Keynote Edves Catalyst 2020
Edves Catalyst is the largest edtech conference in Nigeria. On June 6, it will bring a virtual gathering of thought-leaders from around the world, to discuss mechanisms to deepen education, accelerate human productivity, and advance economic systems. I will keynote the event with a speech titled “Leading in a tough economy”.  Dimeji Falana leads Edves. Industry leaders like  Mazen Mroue (COO MTN Nigeria), Prof. Ike Elechi Ogba, (EBSU), and multi-platinum, generation-inspiring, startups creator & tech innovator,  Iyin Aboyeji. Register FREE here –  
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Global Epidemic – Coronavirus, The Law And Economy
“Businesses closed, streets deserted, a shortage of doctors…corpses without assistance, everyone flee, if they can…” These words were unearthed from the diary of Mardoqueo Navarro published on April 13th, 1871. And though they were intended to draw a macabre impression of the yellow fever epidemic in Buenos Aires, the carefully mapped insight of the scourge, was rooted in the fear of the Yellow-faced Monster. This fear was made whole by the instruments of fake news, occasioned through the absence of efficient media systems. As opposed to what obtains today, being informed in early Buenos Aires included the ability to pick…
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A Trump’s Huge Military Playbook
I am from Ugwunta (“the small hill”) in Ovim, Abia state. Our tribe is the ancestral warriors of the Ovim kingdom. The Obi Ovum, the traditional head of Ovim, comes from the Ugwunta tribe. (Ovum was the original name, but the English colonists remained it Ovim in the district documents). Ugwunta hosts the Anwuriwi – the war dance. Whenever a war breaks, the Ikoro sings, putting the community on highest alert, and then men will rush to beat the war dance. The Anwuriwi is powerful – hearing the sound will turn simple men into human warriors. They can climb palm…
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The Dangote Book Debate – Keep It Going
Good people, I am liking this debate on Dangote. What again can I ask for? It means my subject generates interests and that is what authors want. Keep debating. Last week I was accused of throwing Dangote under the bus and this week it is that I am celebrating him. No issues. You have all the rights to challenge my thesis. And you have the rights to challenge others also. But do not make it a personal matter by insulting people. If you do that, you will scare people in this community; I do not want that to happen. Just…
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Marcus Hutchins: Life Lessons from the Cyber Hero’s Story
In May 2020, the full story of a cyberhero hit the internet. His name; Marcus Hutchins. Though he was celebrated for his glorious feat against a dreadful malware named WannaCry, he was soon caught up by his dark past. Here is a timeline of Marcus Hutchins, right up to the happening of the event: At […]
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Tunisia records growth in seed stage startups countrywide
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RetouchMe app: An overview of the perfect photo editing app
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa Do you love clicking selfies? Have you looked at your selfie and wished that you looked skinnier or voluminous hair? So if you wish to click flawless selfies as well as photos, then download and install the RetouchMe app in your Smartphone. It offers photo correction services whose results are of excellent and fine quality […] RetouchMe app: An overview of the perfect photo editing app -
Three Essential Tasks You Should Automate As a Small Business Owner
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa Running a small business involves handling many tasks yourself. Odds are good you don’t have a large staff to address various aspects of your day-to-day operations. That’s why it’s important for small business owners to focus on automation. While there are some tasks you should complete manually, automating other operations will give you more time […] Three Essential Tasks You Should Automate As a Small Business Owner -
Facebook Shop: Pivoting in Pandemic
We all know what will happen, it is either businesses adapt or get disputed and phase out. It either as an employee that has been affected by this pandemic, adapts or gets disrupted and phases out too.  Whichever way, the fact remains that the pandemic has created trends that can be maximized to unlock market value this time. In my article on how to create a business model around trends, I pointed out some of the trending opportunities recommended by the World Economic Forum. One of such trends and market opportunities is online shopping. There are trends that have come…
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The Dangote System – A New Book From Ndubuisi Ekekwe
His generation’s most impactful business-leader. How did a trader plot to become the most powerful businessman in African commerce? How did a man turn a $3,000 loan  into the most advanced industrialized conglomerate in Africa? The Dangote System: out June 22, 2020 exclusively to Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 2 participants. Register to join them.  
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The “High 5s”: A strategic vision and results that are transforming Africa
For the past ten years, Africa has recorded some of the world’s strongest rates of economic growth. At the same time, many African economies continue to function at well below their full potential. Structural transformation is needed to create more jobs, reduce poverty and accomplish sustainable development objectives. The African Development Bank’s ( High 5 priority areas are intended to support African countries’ achievement of the SDGS. They are: Feed Africa; Light up Africa; Industrialise Africa; Integrate Africa; and Improve the Quality of Life for the people of Africa.  Atta Abdul, Fatima-Zahra, Shuaibu, and Daniel are the faces of a continent that is…
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Nigeria needs to further reduce interest rate to boost local production and stabilize the economy – Bayo Ibrahim
Bayo Ibrahim is a graduate of Food Technology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He currently co-runs a processed food company in Osogbo, Osun State Southwest Nigeria. He spoke with Rasheed Adebiyi on the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on startups and other issues affecting entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Here are the excerpts. Tekedia : Tell us about yourself   Bayo Ibrahim: I am Bayo Ibrahim. I am a food enthusiast. I love to see well processed and packaged food products. I am a co-founder of Plantation Foods and we are the producers of Premier Custard. Tekedia : As a business…
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Why Now Is Actually When You Can GROW Your Business
My model is that only about 30 million Nigerians earn income to buy products and services which are not food items, medicine and other core essential necessities. I have called these 30 million the Precious Nigerians – those with money to buy things for themselves and support others. You can read the analysis here and here. In most of my analyses when it comes to people that actually have money to spend or pay for (technology) solutions in Nigeria, I use 30 million people. Yes, despite 198 million human population, the effective addressable market in Nigeria is less than 30 million…
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Thoughts on Nigeria’s Response to Covid-19
Wednesday 27 May was a significant day for children worldwide. It was the day that these gifts of God are celebrated the world over. It was a time to bring to the fore issues affecting children globally. However, the day was significant for some other thing in Nigeria. It marked the third month of Nigeria’s index case of the Coronavirus, the pandemic that has infected over 5 million people across the world and has equally killed 358,000 others. On 27th February, 2020, the virus, which originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, sneaked into the country through an Italian man…
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Towards the Re-Introduction of Afternoon Schools into Nigerian Education System
It is common knowledge that COVID-19 is bringing in a lot of changes into the world. Some of these changes are disruptive, while others are regressive. Among the regressive changes is the re-introduction of Afternoon-School in Nigeria. “Afternoon-School” was in existence during my primary and secondary school days. I could remember back then in Awka when St. Mary’s Primary School had both morning and afternoon schools, while daytime and night schools existed in Udoka Primary School (St. Patrick) Awka. In those days, afternoon schools were usually attended by house helps and children that have to stay back at home in…
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Trump Signs Executive Order Against Social Media Platforms
On Thursday, the US president Donald trump fulfilled his threat to “do something about social media” by signing executive order to that effect. Trump had threatened to silence social media platforms for what he claimed are “stifling free speech” and silencing conservatives. “This will be a Big Day for Social Media” he tweeted a few hours before he signed the executive order. The motive behind the order has centered on the events of Tuesday, when Twitter fact-checked him following his tweets calling mail-in voting fraud. Twitter attached a link under the tweet to lead readers to more information about mail-in…
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The African Continental Free Trade Area: What’s In It for Africa and Its Major Trade Partners?
While global trends continue to move from integration towards heightened protectionism, and retaliatory trade measures, African countries improved their intra-regional trade levels and deepened their regional integration by collectively launching the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The AfCFTA seeks to deepen Africa’s market integration at regional and continental levels; boost intra-Africa trade; promote regional and continental value chains; and hopefully deliver Africa’s rejuvenation. Based on its basic goals, the AfCFTA deal is to reduce heavy tariffs that have been slowing the intra-Africa trade speed and shall unlock many opportunities on the continent, redesign the architectural framework of Africa’s economic…
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The U.S. Cuts Ties With The World Health Organization (WHO)
In yet another interesting announcement on Friday, the US president Donald Trump said he is severing the relationship between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States. “We will be today terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization and directing those funds to worldwide and deserving, urgent global public health needs,” he said during a White House press briefing. A few days ago, the administration had outlined detailed conditions that must be met by the world health governing body for a chance for reconciliation with the US. But the WHO did not respond. Trump has fallen out with…
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Google announces Plus Codes in Google Maps
While most people take having a fixed, physical address for granted, 2 billion people across the globe either don’t have an address or have an address that is hard to locate. This makes it difficult for people to find them, particularly in an emergency. This is why Google has developed Plus Codes, and is rolling […]
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Become A Champion: Innovate, Execute & Grow – Join Tekedia Mini-MBA
I invite you once again to join us in the second edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA. Click here for everything you need to learn about this program – world-class faculty, top-grade curriculum and African-focused business cases. Accelerate your management ascent and play in the business growth orchestra. I will lead that orchestra with the enviable support of business professionals from NNPC, Shell, Microsoft, MIT, Flutterwave, Polaris Bank, Access Bank, Queen’s, Infoprive, Sherwin Williams, Nigerian Breweries, Coca Cola, etc.  Four months, self-paced, online, and costs $140 or N50,000 via Paypal, Bank Transfer, & debit/credit cards. It is rated “E” for everyone reading.…
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The Full Statement of Former African Leaders on Allegations Against AfDB President
From the press statement (PDF) This is why we are concerned with the recent developments at the Bank. Dr. Adesina, who some whistleblowers alleged to have violated the Banks’ Code of Ethics, has firmly and consistently declared his innocence of these allegations. The Ethics Committee of the Board of Directors, a legal oversight body of the Bank, made up of representatives of shareholders, cleared Dr. Adesina of all 16 allegations, declaring them as baseless and unsubstantiated and exonerated him completely. The Chairman of the Board of Governors, based on the report of the Ethics Committee, declared Dr. Adesina exonerated. We…
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What is Zenvus Yield? [Video]
If you double farm yield in Africa, you will cut poverty by 37%. Why? More than 65% of the working population are engaged in agriculture. As a farm boy, I lived farming in Ovim, Abia state. My grandmother taught me everything about it; school in the morning; after school, come to the farm. It was a way of life. But I went to college and saw a better way. Zenvus Yield is a camera, created from scratch. It does the job of the high priest. Yes, instead of sacrificing goats and chickens to the gods for good harvest, it helps…
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Infiniti Warranty Overview | Basic Coverage and Warranty Options
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa The Japanese automaker Nissan is well known for its reliability. Nissan is the parent company of the luxury brand, Infiniti that officially started selling branded vehicles in 1989. It may be true that Nissan is not as popular as Subaru or Toyota but it’s not far behind. RepairPal places the Nissan automakers of Japan at […] Infiniti Warranty Overview | Basic Coverage and Warranty Options -
Pass Microsoft 70-483 Test! How Exam-labs and Their Exam Dumps Will Help You?
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa We are surrounded by web applications. They have come here to make our lives easier and hassle-free in every respect. Just as we need every new web application by each passing day, the IT world is in dearth need of web administrators and web developers. Now, imagine you have a badge in the relative field […] Pass Microsoft 70-483 Test! How Exam-labs and Their Exam Dumps Will Help You? -
How to Protect Yourself From Internet Scams
Innov8tiv Innov8tiv - Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa Have you ever clicked on an email from a recognized sender requesting sensitive information you don’t feel comfortable sharing? Internet scams come in many forms, including emails that attempt to trick you into handing out financial information (also known as phishing), pop-ups loaded with malware, and social media messages crafted to spark fake romantic relationships […] How to Protect Yourself From Internet Scams -
Digitize our economy! ATCON urges the federal government
The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria, ATCON is lobbying the federal government to digitize the country’s economy. The association has chided the government to come up with new policies that will kickstart the economy to overcome economic challenges after Covid-19. Olusola Teniola, the President of ATCON pointed out an adverse multi-sectoral impact on the […] More The post Digitize our economy! ATCON urges the federal government appeared first on Tech In Africa.
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